Archangel Michaël

“I bring faith to all who are longing to be.
By my blue flame sword of protection set free. Angels of Victory draw nigh, Angels of Faith fill the sky.
Blaze blue flame power from on high”.


Archangel Michael is the first Archangel, who serves the blue ray. This is the radius of protection, courage, power and freedom. 

Archangel Michael protects our world as the spiritual leader among the 7 Archangels with his Divine dynamic and powerful electric blue light and is there to watch over you and your beloved ones. He it is connected with sun, fire and gold

With the powerful help of Archangel Michael, energetic cords with people or situations that exert a negative influence on you can be purified. His purifying sword is sharp, cuts through it and ensures a breakthrough, victory and success. Archangel Raphael can then additionally be used for a healthy balance and healing.

Archangel Michael as guardian to accompany you in healing the relationship with the desires of your soul, so you can participate fully, serve and cherish your life.
Archangel Michael leads you through inspiration and a clear vision to strengthen courage, persistence, power, protection and confidence.
You can take in here all your feelings of vulnerability, such as worries and anxiety to find a way together. He will give you personal power to take steps to find your soul’s purpose.

Jeanne d’Arc had a deep relationship with Archangel Michael.

6the Newsletter: October 2015

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