Healing – Additional


As specialization I give Trance Healing. With trance is meant a heightened state of awareness. During this form of healing a connection is established with the spiritual world. Through contact with the Spiritual World and her helpers there is healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level through knowledge, understanding and love. Central is coming into balance with your own emotions.


Full Spectrum Healing stands on its own, works on frequency of light, the white light and works very closely with the angels, higher light beings and ascended masters. Full Spectrum Healing is very effective and is gladly taken to neutralize problems with the past. Often, existing blockages or negative emotional patterns from the past can be resolved.

Working from Love and Compassion.


An Ethereal Crystal Healing is given without Crystals and is very powerful.

The Ethereal Crystals are placed in the body by channeling and will disappear when the energy is no longer needed.

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