In Healing the energy is transmitted from the spiritual world, at that time there is a blending between these two realities. With Healing we refer to the healing of blockages on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This can be done through hands-on healing or remote, where the client is or is not present. Healing is aimed at restoring at all levels where the blockade is manifested and restores the self-healing ability. Health / harmony Healing can be given for every illness, stress, injury as a therapy with no annoying effects and is complementary to any other form of therapy.


  • Treatment costs 40 Euro for one hour.
  • Certified in Trance Healing, Paranormal healing and Counselling. Master of Energy 7 Colours of Angels Healing , Angels and and Archangels Healing, the energy of Lady Nada, Angel Medium and qualified in Heart Chakra Coherence, Chakra Flush Empowerment and Ama Deus.
  • Important: it does not pretend to be a medical diagnosis or to be a medical treatment and because there is a trust, during treatment, it is essential that all information remains strictly confidential. Therefore, no information should be provided to third parties without the consent of the consultant.

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