Intuitive-Healing Painting

This course is suitable for those who want to work on themselves from a spiritual vision. Painting shows to be a powerful tool, because especially during the artistic process the connection with the present, the past and the unseen is central. Discover what colors and symbols are currently important to you and what role they can play in your personal development. Become aware of your spiritual and intuitive capabilities and use them, to observe in a new way while painting. During the course Intuitive Painting the discovery in the world of colors and symbols is central. The symbolic image reveals itself during painting and because the counseling is individually focused, the resulting painting gives you more clarity about the process you’re in  right now and what your options are. Color, symbols and its deeper effect can be inflicted closer to your world of experience to experience their significance for yourself.

How you get distracted from your goal by temptations that surround you? What are you seeking to make manifest in your world? What do you consider of great value on your journey? Are you able to focus your mind on your desired outcome?

Great drawing skills are not necessary, only an open attitude and enthusiasm to get a personal message out of this “discovery”. Painting gets so the place as a medium towards a much larger whole, in which we gain experience and may surprise us about, or rediscovering what we already knew. In this way new doors will be opened to let yourself growth.


The course, 4 lessons, will be given on Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 12:00 hours and  is taught at home and consists of four classes of two and a half hours. Coffee and tea is included.



  • The course is taught at home.
  • You can work with material of your choice. The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced.
  • The costs are 20€ for one lesson. 

On Request:




During the painting I imagine in the person and there will come through, from the spiritual world, painting messages. In this way there will be indicated new opportunities, also in the future.

The painting takes about 60 min and then there is an interpretation done. The painting is a watercolor on paper with the size 50/65cm and the result can be taken.

  • The costs are € 80


  • Lecturer visual arts and qualified Color Therapist.
  • Master in 7 Colours of Angels.
  • From out anthroposophy I followed the Atelier for Art therapy and education and at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted a specialization training Mediumship and Colour at Thelma Francis (medium and SNU Tutor).

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