The Healing Energy from The Violet Flame – Saint Germain and Lady Portia – Gatekeeper

“When you see the divine within yourself, you can also see it in others. At this level, you are free from judgment”

  • The Violet Flame is connected with the energy of Saint Germain, Master of the seventh ray – Violet – Connected with the temple of freedom.

The Violet Flame is available to everyone and gives the ability to solve and overcome problems. It also works on karma and unconditional love. The family, work, love and environment situation can change. The Violet Flame also works on healing chakra, aura, soul and mental blockages and transforms. This energy allows to experience the divine in ourselves. We must accept ourselves with all faults, weaknesses and good qualities and accept us as human beings. The Violet Flame is the Law of Forgiveness. It ensures that we do not let go of our dreams and continue stuck in our fears, problems, but remain in the Light. This gives us positive thinking and controlling our emotions. So you can focus on what you want to achieve in your life.

  • The Silver – Violet Flame is connected with the energy of Lady Portia. She is the soul mate of Saint Germain. She stands as a Gatekeeper at the gate of a new era.
  • Archangel Zadkiël and Maria Magdalena are also very important by the proces of Transformation and Ascention.

  • I can guide / initiate and certify you.
  • A consultation costs 40€

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