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Een Kaars Branden Voor

Pastor Frank countrydirector of Malawi, 19-7- 2016

In Malawi we have great hunger about 9 million have no food even in our community affected with this hunger chief asking for help like food many food in Malawi is rice and maize (sima) from maize so now in our country  we don’t have maize we ask you to help us  with food from your country our government is buying maize from Brazil but is not enough please help us we want reach 200000 people with food in our community our proposal budget Euro 10,000
Praying for us our country Malawi we are in big pain.

Pastor Frank countrydirector of Malawi, 21-3 – 2019

Praying for Malawi , Mozambique and Zimbabwe we have been affected by cyclone ldai almost 1000 people died 2.6 million people have displaced In Malawi 14 district have been affected 922000 have been affected 577 injuries 56 died 126000 have lost every thing their homes and crops destroyed They spend 24 hours no eating any thing , They need emergency support like Food , shelter, medicine, water and cloth any support is needed. Thousands of people they can die lack of food Please praying for Malawi.

Aelis Ma Rei

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