“They still come through the lacerated sky, spreading their peaceful wings and their heavenly music floats over the whole tired world”.

William Shakespeare

Walking in the living Flame of Infinite Inner Peace
The Path of the Elohim of Peace
Be an instrumant of Eternal Peace
Be a true pilgrim of Peace
Harmony, the Alpha and the Omega
“Harmony is the other side of Peace and
Peace is the other side of Harmony.
Where there is no Harmony there cannot be Peace.
When you achieve the balance of Harmony, then you can hold the greatest Light.”
“Forgiveness is the Hope for Peace
There is no Peace without Forgiveness.”
“Bring Peace in our world
Bring Peace in our consciousness
Bring Peace in our memory body
Bring Peace in our Past, Now and Future.”
The sacred fire of the Heart
Divine Love and Compassion are the heartbeat of life.
Chacra for Peace
 Solar Plexus Chacra 
Place of the Sun
The place where the Cosmic Christ is established

“A Cosmic consciousness


living from the Heart


embracing one’s own divinity”


“Stay in your Strength,

while following your Divine path and trust your inner guidance”



The spiritual realm


Trust the invisible world without understanding it.

No matter how hard you try to understand why something happened or how and when it will happen, now is the time to surrender to not knowing.


“Faith is the Love of the invisible, trust in the impossible, improbable.” Goethe
“In every man lives a desire for meaning. A desire to discover. The secret of his own existence. To find his own destiny.” Teresa of Avila
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