As a blossom therapist I work on an additional support for rebalancing by using the healing power of the flower remedies. It is a holistic approach.

In the treatment we look at the whole person and not just at the symptoms and the disease. It is based on the principle that every illness comes from an imbalance of the individual, whether physical or mental, and that nature has already provided in the form of plants, spring water, fresh air and sunlight.

Dr. Edward Bach found a way to put together 38 wild flower remedies that can help to show us the positive aspects of ourselves The remedies are almost all prepared from the blossoms of wild growing plants, flowers and shrubs. The only remedy which is not derived from blossom is Rockwater, it is prepared with water from a natural source. For emergencies, there is the Rescue Remedy (the 39th) this is a composition of five remedies. For each remedy fits a certain mood (mood / emotion) and so has every remedy a specific effect on the mind, through the energetic layer. The tinctures helps us to better deal with our daily emotions in our everyday life and get this in balance, it also can be a good tool to break old behavior patterns The Bach Remedies correct negative emotions to positive moods. The Bach Flower Remedies can be used safely for 100%.

These consist of 7 main groups:

1. Fear

2. Uncertainty

3. Lack of interest in the here and now

4. Loneliness

5. Hypersensitivity 

6. Despondency and Despair

7. Over -concerned for the well -being of others

The flower remedies can be applied in isolation, but also can be be given in addition to the other data treatments such as Healing and Reiki to intensify the healing and support.

A personal Consultation (excluding the remedy).

  • Certified Bach Flower Therapist
  • As Accredited Alternative Therapist associated with CAT Collective Alternative Therapists.