Color Therapy

“Experience shows that the individual colors evoke special effort of mind” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Of color it is known they have a certain degree of oscillation. These vibrations affect how subtle, our human body our emotions. The importance of color was in many ancient cultures recognized such as by the Maori, Maya North American Indians. In India, China and Egypt, we found in manuscripts that the priests who were engaged in medicine, they possessed a complete system of color science. In Karnak Thebes there were special color halls for healing. In Buddhist traditions colors are used in mandalas and meditation colors. The development of color therapy as we know it, has its origins in New Zealand with doctor dr.Liley. Early last century, he came into contact with the Maori’s and studied their use of color. In the color theory of the Maori’s electromagnetic radiation is assumed. This theory was later further developed by mr. Brooker and made applicable for the west. Here in the West, Rudolf Steiner and Goethe are in their own way, have been major researchers in the field of operation of color. In the early 19th century Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote his extensive work on the theory of colors, which paved the way for the work of many modern esoteric teachers and philosophers who are interested in color. Vicky Wall (1918 – 1991) founder of Aura Soma Therapy has meant a lot for today’s Color Therapy. “You’re the color you choose these reflect your deepest need” Vicky Wall. She was the seventh child of a seventh child of a Jewish family. She grew up in kabbalistic tradition and was a clairvoyant since her childhood. She discovered the healing effects of color combinations on body, mind and soul. She saw in the aura’s that different colors had therapeutic effects. So Aura Soma therapy arose were clients can choose which color he or she most needs at that moment. We are working on healing this way.

Color therapy brings body, mind and spirit into balance. The basis of this is the energy system of the body. During a color therapy healing  the given color will be sent to the energetic and physical body through visualization to influence it positively. This therapy can be applied to both physical and mental symptoms and can disappear emotional stress. Color therapy is a complementary therapy and can be combined well with other forms of therapy.

Color Therapy helps realize that there is consciously or unconsciously a need for certain colors and lets experience that these colors for healing, health, relaxation, inspiration and protection to use. Color therapy is looking for deeper cause and examines the emotional and mental state. It’s like the Bach therapy a complementary therapy.

“Leonardo da Vinci, the famous painter, sculptor, engineer, physician, anatomist and inventor, one of the greatest researchers of color science, assured that our ability to meditate can be increased tenfold by meditating under the glow of violet light, that radiates us through the stained glass of a silent church. ”

Color Therapy helps people realize that they need a specific color, and teaches them to use these colors, for healing, health, relaxation, inspiration and protection. Techniques such as meditation and visualization are closely associated with color therapy and can then be deployed. Color therapy is a sophisticated, external therapy, using the healing energy, trapped in the visible, colored rays of light. Color therapy will bring a balanced amount color energy for the recovery of harmony and balance between body, mind and soul. Only when this balance is present, can be sought to good health. Color therapy is a complementary therapy that may well be combined with other types of therapy. Color therapy encourages to take responsibility for our own lives and to use the healing power in yourself..

As a color therapist I also give information about what colors for you to have a positive effect on:

  • Lecturer visual arts.
  • Qualified Color Therapist.
  • Master in 7 Colors of Angels and Lady Nada’s Roses Healing Energy.
  • Following from out anthroposophy the Atelier for Art therapy.
  • Education at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted a specialization training Mediumship and Colour at Thelma Francis (medium and CSNU Tutor).

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  • As Accredited Alternative Therapist associated with CAT Collective Alternative Therapists.

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