Course Angels and Archangels Healing III

In the third degree of the Angels and Archangels Healing, Healing / Angels and Archangels Healing you learn to connect with your personal guide through a guided meditation. You learn to communicate with him or her. Your guide is always with you and will do anything to help you in your life. If you can enter in direct contact with your guide you will find that you will have an easier life.

For this degree no intitiations are required. The course can also be done by people who do not follow the other degrees of the Healing Angels and Archangels.

  • The course lasts about three hours and costs 75 Euros.
  • You can email or call for a consultation date, form, contact.
  • Master of Angels / Archangels Healing with specialization training as Medium Angels and Heart Chakra Coherence.


This page is also available in Nederlands.