Course Angels and Archangels Healing IV









The fourth degree of the Angels and Archangels Healing / Angels and Archangels keeps in an introduction to various Archangels . You will learn what the task is of each Archangel and how he can help you. 16 Archangels are discussed.

  • There are several meditations where you can approach Rafael and ask him to help you to speak your truth or for your physical health.
  • You get an initiation into the energy of the Archangels.
  • You also learn to give healing with the energy of the Archangels

We work with the following Archangels:

  • Michael: defender of God. Stand up for yourself, Tires break.
  • Gabriel: Messenger of God. Helps you with your throat chakra, speaking effortlessly.
  • Rafael: Healer. Brings healing. Protector of the traveler. Healing for all the people in need. Assisting world leaders and assisting countries and their people.
  • Uriel: rules over the world of the dead. Encourages the man to prayer and faith. Acceptance of your destiny and gratitude for it. Salvation and repentance.
  • Chamuel: Archangel of unconditional love.
  • Cassiel: Archangel at consolation in solitude and protection from enemies.
  • Zadkiel: Archangel of forgiveness.
  • Raziel: Archangel of mysteries, spiritual development and psychic abilities.
  • Metatron: provides assistance in every area, universal help.
  • Sandalphon: Archangel of prayer and music.
  • Raguel: Archangel of righteousness, justice and harmony.
  • Jophiel: Archangel of beauty and arts.
  • Jeremiel: Helps dead souls to look at their past life. Helps prophetic visions.
  • Haniel: Archangel of feminine energy and healing.
  • Azrael: Archangel of Death.
  • Ariel: Archangel of nature, wildlife and grounding / earthing.


  • The course lasts about three hours and costs 100 Euros.
  • You can email or call for a consultation date.
  • Master of Angels / Archangels Healing with specialization training as Medium Angels and Heart Chakra Coherence.


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