” Try to get familiar with the Angels and behold them frequently in spirit, because invisible they are present with you.” Francis Sales, mystic, 1567 – 1622

The Content of the Master degree Angels and Archangels Healing

In the first degree of Angels and Archangels Healing / Healing Angels and Archangels you learn a spiritual purification technique you can use to heal emotions, and for example, to purify a space.

A meditation done to old emotions, which have fixed put in the aura and the body, to purify so you can be happier without old baggage.

In the second degree of the Healing Angels and Archangels / Angels introduces you to the Angels and their energy. Through initiation, the contact with the Angels will be increased. You learn to give a healing with Angels.
You go into an exercise to place Angels at your ancestors so you heal your ancestors line. This also has the effect that it is easier for you to let go of old family patterns.

In the third degree of the Angels and Archangels Healing, Healing / Angels and Archangels Healing you learn to connect with your personal guide through a guided meditation. You learn to communicate with him or her. Your guide is always with you and will do anything to help you in your life. If you can enter in direct contact with your guide you will find that you will have an easier life.
For this degree no intitiations are required. The course can also be done by people who do not follow the other degrees of the Healing Angels and Archangels.

The fourth degree of the Angels and Archangels Healing / Angels and Archangels keeps in an introduction to various Archangels . You will learn what the task is of each Archangel and how he can help you. 16 Archangels are discussed.
There are several meditations where you can approach Rafael and ask him to help you to speak your truth or for your physical health.
You get an initiation into the energy of the Archangels.
You also learn to give healing with the energy of the Archangels
We work with the following Archangels:
Michael: defender of God. Stand up for yourself, Tires break.
Gabriel: Messenger of God. Helps you with your throat chakra, speaking effortlessly.
Rafael: Healer. Brings healing. Protector of the traveler. Healing for all the people in need. Assisting world leaders and assisting countries and their people.
Uriel: rules over the world of the dead. Encourages the man to prayer and faith. Acceptance of your destiny and gratitude for it. Salvation and repentance.
Chamuel: Archangel of unconditional love.
Cassiel: Archangel at consolation in solitude and protection from enemies.
Zadkiel: Archangel of forgiveness.
Raziel: Archangel of mysteries, spiritual development and psychic abilities.
Metatron: provides assistance in every area, universal help.
Sandalphon: Archangel of prayer and music.
Raguel: Archangel of righteousness, justice and harmony.
Jophiel: Archangel of beauty and arts.
Jeremiel: Helps dead souls to look at their past life. Helps prophetic visions.
Haniel: Archangel of feminine energy and healing.
Azrael: Archangel of Death.
Ariel: Archangel of nature, wildlife and grounding / earthing.

This is the Master degree of the Angels and Archangels Healing / Healing Angels and Archangels. That means you have “all” knowledge after following this degree and you also can give courses yourselve. However, you don’t have to, you can just use the fifth course for your own personal awareness.
You get your own Personal Angels Team. This team can be deployed for various healings and supports you in your life. You will have a personal connection with them. They will support you.
You will learn how to give a distance healing. Finally you learn to give an initiation in the Angels and Archangels Healing.

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Each part of the course lasts about three hours and costs 100Euros

  • Master of Angels / Archangels Healing with specialization training as Medium Angels and Heart Chakra Coherence.