Music Lightworker


“Listen my Love,
illumination is eternal.
Now is always evolving.
As there are billions of stars,
there are billions of steps.
As there are billions of souls,
there are billions of ways to grow”. 




Surrendering to His prescence

Jesus Christ: Pure Love

Jesus Christ: Angels and Archangels

Elohim, Holy Holy God Almighty

Angèlia Grace:  Interstellar,  Singing Prayer for (Self) Forgiveness,  Arrival on Earth,  Singing Prayer for Transition, Death and Soul Departure,  Time Inception,  Equilibrium,  Passion

Mei Ian Maurits: Angelic Sound Healing for Light Body Activation

Mei Ian Maurits: Song for a Pure Heart

Mei Ian Maurits: I Am That I Am,  I AM Divine, Streaming Source EnergyWe are One.

Mei Ian Maurits: Heavenly Frequencies, Returning Home

Ashana: The Embrace


Steve Jablonsky:  Infinite White

Aeoliah: Follow Your Star

Logos:  Le royaume du soleil,    Le Passage Arc En Ciel ,  Sephira  ,  Le Couple Solaire, Magie Galactique,

Le soupir d’une comete 

Sun in my eyes

Oneindige genezing Gouden Golf

Karl Jenkins: Benedictus

La Source

Sound Traveller: Awakening

Peter Ries: Air Voyage, Violin Sky,  Peaceful Moments, Serenity Falls, Lost and Found, Tender Touch, Lose Oneself In

Saint of Sin: Revival, Return of the Gold

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