Intuitive Painting

“Where I Create, There I Am True




The paintings have been established by a spiritual vision and shows to be a powerful tool, because especially during the artistic process the connection with the unseen, such as Archangal Jophiël, is central. Discover what colors and symbols are currently important to you and what role they can play in a personal development. It makes aware of the spiritual and intuitive capabilities and is a new way of painting. During the process of Intuitive Painting the discovery in the world of colours and symbols is central. The symbolic image reveals itself during painting and finally the resulting painting gives more clarity about the process . Colour, symbols and its deeper effect can be inflicted closer to your world of experience to experience their significance for yourself.


 What to make manifest in the world? What to consider of great value on the journey?

The Kingdom of Heaven ~ The Divine Cosmic Sense ~

“Imaginative Vision” by Intuition ~ Inspiration ~ Relevation

The world of imagination is the world of eternity seen by following the dictate of the spiritual eye, ears and feelings of the heart.

During the creative and fashioning process of Intuitive Painting it is essential to tune in by this way to receive messages from the Divine Source.

“Art is never finished, only abandoned”
 Leonardo da Vinci
“Where the Spirit does not work with the hand
there is no Art”
Leonardo da Vinci
“Art is the Queen of all sciences communicating knowledge
to all the generations of the world”
Leonardo da Vinci


The painting is thus given its place as a medium to a much larger whole, in which new experiences are gained. This opens new doors to allow yourself to grow.



Paul the Venetian, Artist in Italy 1528-1588


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