The 7 colored rays of the 7 Archangels

Divine Angelic Protection

This form of healing can be used to give you the possibility for guidance on the way to unity.  Archangels are “bridge – angels”. They are a bridge between the Divine and the earthly material and protect many levels of creation. They are often associated with the seven rays of colored flames and each has its own specific task. Like a bridge, they make a connection in two directions. They are not only serve man, but all of creation with: – Transform the divine impulses. – Experiencing the Divine making possible – To guide people on their way to unity.


Being one with a self-realized awareness of God in the first ray of Power



Archangel Michael is the first Archangel, who serves the Blue Ray.

This is the Ray of Protection, Courage, Will-Power and Freedom. 

Strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness, fearlessness, looking at issues from a higher point of view and deeper insight in order to make decisions.

He protects our world with his powerful energy and is also watching over you and your beloved ones. Archangel Michael as guardian to accompany you in repairing the relationship with the desires of your soul, so you can participate fully, serve and cherish your life. Archangel is a special guardian for Lightworkers.
Archangel Michael leads you through inspiration and a clear vision to strengthen, courage, persistence, power, protection and confidence.
You can take in here all your feelings of vulnerability, such as worries and anxiety to find a way together. He will give you personal power to take steps to find your soul’s purpose.

Jeanne d’Arc, the Virgin of Orléans 1412 – 1431

France, Rouan, Normandië

Joan of Arc had an extra ordinary character with as well a remarkable faith and was sensitive to the well being of others. She followed her inner voice and was in contact with Archangel Michael. Joan represent qualities of Archangel Michael such as courage, will, power, protection and selftrust even when there is danger.

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Archangel Jophiël is the second Archangel, who serves the Yellow/Golden Ray.

This is the Ray of Wisdom, Love, Enlightenment and Creativity.

Strength, patience and endurance, truthfulness, faithfulness, intuition.

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Archangel Chamuel is the third Archangel, who serves the Pink Ray.

This is the Ray of Unconditional Love and Compassion.

Deeper understanding, sincerity of intentions, clear mind, ability to concentrate for philosophical studies, patience, prudence, no inclination to hurt others.

He assists you on all areas of the heart, loving yourself, loving others and increasing the vibrational frequency. During this workshop we will work together with the energy of Archangel a Chamuel as a guardian to accompany you by healing. He helps with finding again a new opening for your soul purpose. Ask Archangel Chamuel at first to heal your heart, to support you to stay yourself and to fill your soul with love. If inner peace is found, you stand in your own strength. He increases the vibrational frequency. ‘Divine Love’, the ‘Unconditionel Love’ of our hearts.

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This is the Ray of Harmony and Purity.

Archangel Gabriel is the fourth Archangel, who serves the White Ray.

Generosity, harmony, devotion, quick of understanding and perception.

“Purity is your freedom”

Archangel Gabriël helps us especially when our connection with above is lost or very bad. He brings us the “good news” and “God’s word” and announces a new and better beginning. He stands for communication and helps with the next target and in particular to recognize the purpose of life. He helps formulate wishes, hopelessness, depression, melancholy, change, releasably mounted destructive energy and blockages. He helps to understand images, dreams and visions and gives comfort. Healing of the inner child, gives hope, joy and relief. 

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This is the Ray of Healing and Truth.

Archangel Rafael is the fifth Archangel, who serves the Green Ray.

Perseverance, justice, common sense, sincerity, independence, smart.

Rafael means “God heals” and you always can ask him when healing is needed. During this workshop we will work together with the energy of Archangel Rafael as a guardian to accompany you in healing.
Archangel Rafael can work well together in the group of Healing Angels, such as Archangel Michael while breaking cords and healing this.
The energy of Archangel Rafael is soft, enveloping, healing, brightening, cleaning, delicate and yet powerful.
He can help with every healing and renewal on Earth and in the cosmos. His main task is helping people. He heals all areas of us: physical, emotional, thoughts, situations and our relationship to the Divine Light. Rafael helps through feeling lost and loneliness, as we are not satisfied with ourselves, with weakness and exhaustion.
He helps guiding world leaders, assisting countries and their people and those in need.
Currently his healing is more than ever needed, to live from unity and solidarity with each other on a deeper and more loving way. How can we succeed to see and treat our fellow men as a part of ourselves? This is at the moment our great challenge.

Archangel Raphael brings awareness and let people experience their individual responsibility. Archangel Rafael brings healing at all levels, strengthening, renewal and transformation of the past.

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Archangel Uriel is the sixth Archangel who serves the Golden Ray.

This is the Ray of Peace.

Devotion, Love, tenderness, intuition, attachment, respect.

Music: Golden Globe

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Archangel Zadkiel is the seventh Archangel and serves the Violet Ray.

This is the Ray of Freedom, Forgiveness and Transformation.

Strength, perseverance, courage, courtesy, utmost care for detail, confidence.

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