Mystieke Contemplatie


“Your prayers have been heard and answered.

Have faith”.

“Blest Queen of heaven Great art thou!

Instruct and bless our youth and children. Enfold them with thy presence now. Restore the memory of their holy vows from the inner planes. O mother of the World, we are thy flames. Our holy God-design we claim. Rejoice, rejoice, O heavenly powers. For earth does seek thee, the God Star our aim,

Victory in God’s name”.

“I bring faith to all who are longing to be.

By my blue flame sword of protection set free. Angels of Victory draw nigh, Angels of Faith fill the sky.

Blaze blue flame power from on high”.

“Als een wit zeil op de blauwe zee ben ik,
eenzaam voor hem die mij ziet,
van de kust der begrenzing”.




Et lidet Barn saa lysteligt: Anne-Lise Berntsen, sang


Aelis Ma Rei

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