“Love is the message and the message is love. From the streets to the mountains to the heavens above.Tell everybody what your dreaming of, that Love is the message and the message is Love”. Arthur Baker


My life’s purpose is to bring forward the divine and angelic world.

With my birth I inherited a paranormal consciousness which has been followed and guided me through my life. I am a clairvoyant medium, feeling and knowing future happenings. With this ability I help others by giving spiritual advice. During a consultation I set my psychic sensitivity at the service of my clients and make contact with the divine world. As a channel I share my insights in order to resolve blockages, giving negativity a positive turn, leading from past to present and guiding to future events.




  • As Accredited Alternative Therapist associated with CAT Collective Alternative Therapists 2018. Law Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care (WKKGZ). Member number: 20170531
  • Alternative Therapist, Creative Therapy, Healing
  • CAT – accredited training course Privacylaw AVG


  • As a therapist I fall under Wkkgz complaint law and disciplinary law at the Alternative Therapists Disputes Authority (GAT). GAT is a nationally recognized and fully independent Wkkgz disputes committee. For more information about my complaints procedure see: https://gatgeschillen.nl/.  I work as a therapist according to the guidelines of the GAT professional code. For more information see: https://gatgeschillen.nl/beroepscode/


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