Amadeus / The tree of knowledge

“If you stand up straight, you reach from Earth to Heaven; anything above your head is as the Great Spirit. You are the tree of life “. Black Elk.


Ama Deus is a very powerfull Healing system, used by the Guarani Indians, Kahuna’s and Inca’s.

The Guarani Indians called our earth ” the place of rest, for pain and difficulties”. This is not ment negative, but they see it as a privilege and as their teaching to live on this earth. It serves a spiritual development. It can be used as a treatment by physical, mental and emotional problems. It can be applied in the present and at a the distance.

Ama Deus helps the new-born soul, to ground oneself and by dying to let everyone know that death is a new beginning. Ama Deus also provides access to the Akashic Records, also called the global memory“.

The Akasha Chronicle refers to the collective memory, a repository where all thoughts, emotions and events of all time on Earth until now and in the future are stored. It is a valuable source of information for life, because knowledge can be obtained about the life task. This applies in particular to the personal development.

“A great vision is needed and the leader who has it must follow it, just as the eagle seeks the deapest blue of the sky”. Chief Crazy Horse


The energy of the “Tree of Insight” provides more balance in everyday life. It gives balance between the primary and crown chakra, between earth and spirituality and thus between body and the soul. This energy can be very positive for back pain. This is to let go unnecessary burdens, a relaxed attitude in participation in the daily activities and diligently to perform daily tasks in all simplicity.

Master in Ama Deus and te Akasha Cronicle. Authorized to guide / initiate and certify you.

  • As Accredited Alternative Therapist associated with CAT Collective Alternative Therapists.

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