Mademoiselle Lenormand


Mademoiselle Lenormand  1772 – 1843

Mademoiselle Lenormand also known as “The Sybille of Paris” has been a major influence on contemporary laying the cards. She was an orphan at an early age and raised by the Benedictines. It was revealed soon that she had psychic abilities and she had done predictions that came true. At age 14 she went to Paris and lived there initially in poverty. There she was initiated into the secrets of the cards according to the old French tradition, palmistry and other forms of divination such as coffee and tea leaves read, reading dreams and flowers. She started in Paris in Rue de Tournon a busy Salon ~ Sybille du Faubourg Saint Germain~ where people came for advice. She read the card for ordinary citizens till the senior people of Paris and its surroundings.

“The Sybille of Paris” 


Mlle Lenormand reading the card for Napoleon

Mademoiselle Lenormand was friends with Empress Josephine de Beauharnais and made several correct predictions about Napoleon, Czar Alexander the First and William of Orange. She was imprisoned several times for her predictions, but not for long because they urgently needed her services. Because of her striking predictions was increasingly called upon her psychic gift. She increased her fame by writing several books. Mademoiselle Lenormand was buried in 1843 in grand style at Père Lachaise.

Two years after her death appeared the Great Lenormand game, Grand Jeu de Mlle Lenormand. The small game is until today very popular.


“You do not choose the cards, but the cards choose you.”

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