Devotion, Love, Manifestation, Transforming, Strength, Prophecy and Revelation.

Acryl on canvas, 90/70 ~ June – 2023

Shining golden flames
Burning like a sacred fire
Purify the soul into Divine Oneness
Shining golden flames
Calling on the Cosmic Christconsciousness,
carried by deep purple rays,
to manifest Love, Light, Freedom and Peace.
Burning like a sacred fire
Shining golden flames
Aelis Ma Rei 

Archangel Uriel is the sixth Archangel who serves the Golden-Purple Ray.

This is the Ray of Peace

The mother flame in the heart, flame of Peace for humanity, Devotion, Love, Manifestation, Transforming, Strength, Prophecy and Revelation.

Solar Plexus

Archangel Uriel knows the secrets of the future and gives help and guidance in intensifying your intuitive and psychic abilities. He is most connected to the earth and helps us to anchor his light forces of consciousness in the material world. With Archangel Uriel you can collaborate on your soul plan through transformation and manifestation of your wishes. Where are you at this moment and where do you want to go spiritually? His angelic energy is clearing, gives strength and self-confidence and helps to trust in the divine plan. Under his leadership, we can continue to focus on our goal to achieve this and continue to develop our capabilities to the fullest. Archangel Uriel is helpful in maternal love and caring.

Theme: Creator, decision, decisiveness (solar plexus), peace, harmony, structure, balance between the divine plan and the material structure, manifestation, converting, bringing divine vibration into matter.