3.An Archangel Chamuel Reading



Acryl op doek, 90/70 ~2007

“The Mystic Rose
Like a sign from the Divine source.
With its intense fragrance
She nourishes my soul with her pure essence.
Like a sign from the Divine source.
Captivating in the Light
Will she be united with my deepest being.
With its intense fragrance
Like a sign from the Divine source.”

Aelis Ma Rei (from own work)

Archangels are “bridge – angels”. They are a bridge between the Divine and the earthly material and protect many levels of creation. They are often associated with the seven rays of colored flames and each has its own specific task. Like a bridge, they make a connection in two directions. They are not only serve man, but all of creation with: – Transform the divine impulses. – Experiencing the Divine making possible – To guide people on their way to unity.

A Reading ~ Healing is an intense experience. It is focused on the person and the theme of the question. The information that is reveiled is important for that moment.

An Archangel Chamuel Reading is about a deeper understanding, sincerity of intentions, clear mind, ability to concentrate for philosophical studies, patience, prudence, no inclination to hurt others.



Archangel Chamuel is the third Archangel, who serves 

The Pink~Ruby Ray.

This is the Ray ofUnconditional Love and Compassion.


He assists you on all areas of the heart, loving yourself, loving others and increasing the vibrational frequency. During this workshop we will work together with the energy of Archangel a Chamuel as a guardian to accompany you by healing. He helps with finding again a new opening for your soul purpose. Ask Archangel Chamuel at first to heal your heart, to support you to stay yourself and to fill your soul with love. If inner peace is found, you stand in your own strength. He increases the vibrational frequency. ‘Divine Love’, the ‘Unconditionel Love’ of our hearts.




  • As Accredited Alternative Therapist associated with CAT Collective Alternative Therapists.

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