(Acryl op doek 90/70, 2023)

From infinite loving Divine Light, beyond form and colour,
radiant Angels appear, covered by sacred Golden-yellow flames,
to illuminate the crown, as a portal of the Cosmic-Christ-consciousness .
From infinite loving Divine Light, beyond form and colour,
the inner flame is ignited by divine inspiration,
to unfold new insights full of expression.
From infinitely loving Divine Light, beyond form and colour,
radiant Angels appear, covered by sacred Golden-yellow flames.

Aelis Ma Rei

 The call of the Angels awaken

like a miracle in our lives

 the Flame of the living Christ within

 The call of the Angels awaken

and share their sacred melody

as we blend in their Light

like a miracle in our lives

 The call of the Angels awaken.

Aelis Ma Rei


Archangels are “bridge – angels”. They are a bridge between the Divine and the earthly material and protect many levels of creation. They are often associated with the seven rays of colored flames and each has its own specific task. Like a bridge, they make a connection in two directions. They are not only serve man, but all of creation with: – Transform the divine impulses. – Experiencing the Divine making possible – To guide people on their way to unity).


A Reading ~ Healing is an intense experience, while focussing on the person and the theme of the question. The information that is reveiled is important at that moment.

Archangel Jophiel is the guardian angel of artists. From harmony and in keeping with your rhythm of life, creative inspirations are shaped within yourself as seeds of the Light.

Archangel Jophiel stands for “Beauty of God”. His healing energy brings you closer to your inner Self, Joy and Happiness. By letting shine the Light within yourself, the seeds of Light in your heart can sprout so that your life becomes lighter.

An Archangel Jophiel Reading is about positivity, manifesting beauty in art and Divine wisdom.

Archangel Jophiël is the second Archangel, who serves

The Golden-Yellow Ray.

This is the Ray of Divine Wisdom, Love, Enlightenment, Holy Spirit, Cosmic Christ-consciousness and Creativity.

Strength, patience and endurance, truthfulness, faithfulness, intuition and surrender are central to this.

Crown chacra

Illumination and Inspiration.

The Angelic carrier of the Divine aspect of Yaweh’s Wisdom. 

“A Cosmic consciousness by living from the Heart and embracing one’s own divinity”

“Stay in your Strength, while following your Divine path and trust your inner guidance”

“Divine Wisdom will assist you to find Divine solutions to all your problems at any time.”

“Faith is the Love of the invisible, trust in the impossible, improbable.” Goethe




The Spiritual Realm


Trust the invisible world without understanding it.

No matter how hard you try to understand why something happened or how and when it will happen, now is the time to surrender to not knowing.

See: 12th Newsletter 24 May 2017 and 27e, 24 July 2023