“Working on healing and spirituality by giving rest to the mind”

Hypnotherapy is a treatment method that is safe and used to create physical and psychological changes. It is special to experience how amanzingly fast and effective the self-healing capacity of the client is working with hypnosis. During a relaxed state, the subconscious mind is more accessible and receptive, allowing hypnotherapy (positive suggestions) to take effect. In this way, problems from the past can be solved with regression hypnosis. Life-related problems such as stress-related problems, phobias, fears, grieving process, fear of failure, and youth trauma can be treated well in this way. During the Hypnotherapy session I work according to nature-oriented principles such as Magnetism, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Positive restructuring, Regression, Reincarnation and Applied Psychology. It is quite possible to experience a good result after a few sessions.

The Hypnotherapy session is given according to the Rob van der Wilk method.

Rob van der Wilk (1946-2012) was a master hypnotherapist, psychic, teacher and producer. He was a well-known name in the spiritual, paranormal and therapeutic Netherlands. He was chairman of the Dutch Professional Association of Hypnotherapists and is considered the best hypnotherapist of the 20th Century.

He was one of the first in the Netherlands who developed a training as a hypnotherapist and had his own procedure for this. Positive Restructuring – Positive affirmations – plays an important role in this, so that the natural life force can reprogram and can be brought back to the natural original health.

The client has an element of control and awareness of what is taking place, but feels pleasantly relaxed both physically and mentally.

During this relaxed state, the subconscious mind is more accessible and receptive, allowing hypnotherapy (positive suggestions) to take effect.

Therapeutic hypnosis allows the client to relax yet become deeply focused and is a proven tool in helping the client to utilise their own mind to assist with a huge range of problems in everyday life such as Weight Loss Phobias Addictions Anxiety Smoking Confidence and many more not listed here.

Carl Gustav Jung 1875 – 1961

Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist. He was the founder of the analytical psychology. He based his teachings on experiences in his clinical practice on the mythology, the psychology of religion and his knowledge of symbolism. To explain the collective subconscious, he studied for years the visionary writings of the alchemists such as Paracelsus. His work is characterized by a large number of new concepts and principles, such as the concept of synchronicity.

Franz Anton Mesmer 1734 – 1815

Physician, holistic.

Franz Mesmer believed that there is a magnetic force or “fluid” called “animal magnetism” within the universe that influences the health of the human body. He experimented with magnets to impact this field in order to produce healing. By around 1774, he had concluded that the same effect could be created by passing the hands in front of the subject’s body, later referred to as making “Mesmeric passes”. The word “mesmerize”, formed from the last name of Franz Mesmer, was intentionally used to separate practitioners of mesmerism from the various “fluid” and “magnetic” theories included within the label “magnetism”.

Hypnotherapy, magnestism, fluïdum.

Sergej Rachmoninoff and hypnotherapy

Nicolai Dahl 1860 – 1939 a Russian physician, psychiatrists was most notable for his successful treatment of the composer Sergej Rachmaninoff, who was suffering a creative block after the disastrous premiere of his first Symphony. Among his other notable patients were Shalyapin, Skryabin, Stanislavsky and many others. He studied in France with Jean Martin Charcot, who initiated a therapy by hypnotizing his patients. Dahl was interested in music and he was a competent amateur vioala player. In January 1900 Dahl commenced a treatment program for Rachmaninoff using hypnotherapy. Dahl’s treatment cured the composer, who dedicated his Piano Concerto No. 2 (1901) to Dahl.


2e pianoconcert

gespeeld door Sergej Rachmaninov

“Music comes straight from the heart and speaks only to the heart.”

Sergej Rachmaninov


  • Accredited Hypnotherapist, with the following components: Magnetism, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Positive Restructuring, Regression, Reincarnation and Applied Psychology.
  • The professional training for hypnotherapists has been followed at Stichting Paradidakt and is registered with the International Hypnotherapist Register (IHR), has been tested by the KTNO and approved by the BATC and the CAT.