Joan of Arc ~ Courage

Joan of Arc had a deep relationship with Archangel Michael.

Jeanne d’Arc, the Virgin of Orléans1412 – 1431

France, Rouen, Normandië

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc had an extra ordinary character with as well a remarkable faith and was sensitive to the well being of others. She followed her inner voice and was in contact with Archangel Michael. Joan represent qualities of Archangel Michael such as courage, will, power, protection and selftrust even when there is danger.

 Tour Jeanne d’Arc in Rouen, in which she was imprisoned during the trials.

The political development at that time in combination with her deep living believe and exeptional personality made that her strenght was dangerous for the opposition. Politic and Faith were mixed and and employed with false arguments during the 56 processes / inquisition against her. As a young girl of 19 years old she was burnt alive in Rouen.

Now she is regarded as human figur/woman of freedom and a prophetes for spirituality of freedom.

Music: Archangel Michael, Heart of Courage, Archangel Michael

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